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Alipranti Laoura, Dr. (KMOP)

Dr. Laoura Alipranti-Maratou is a Sociologist with a PhD from the Universite Paris X-Nanterre. She is former   Research Director at the National Centre for Social Research/EKKE and actually collaborator at the Gender Issues Research Laboratory/EKKE and visiting Professor   at the University of Athens. Her research interests focus on family and family – policy related issues, gender issues and gender discrimination in society, the relation between family and labour market, immigration and women in the context of the immigration process, social exclusion issues, etc. She has carried out research at the national and EU levels and is a member in numerous EU and international networks and associations such as the European Sociological Association/ESA and the International Sociological Association/ISA (Executive Board Member on RC32 “Women in Society”). From 2005 to 2014 she was the national representative for Greece at the European Commission, COST programmes, Social Sciences (ISCH Domain Committee,   Individuals, Society, Culture and Health).   Member of EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality) Expert Forum designated by the European Parliament (2012-2015).


Amalia Frangiskou, MA (EKKE)

Frangiskou Amalia is a researcher in the National Centre for Social Research, since 1994. She holds a Master Degree in Communications Policy Studies from the City University of London. She also holds a Law Degree from the Law School of Athens University and a diploma in Journalism from the Athens Institute for Professional Journalism. Her research activity (research projects, publications, participation in conferences) and her scientific orientation is towards the field of communication systems (policies, power, structures, transformation strategies, international interrelations), and it’s social/ individual implications. She is also examining aspects such as: social inclusion, minorities, institutional & legal integration framework, stereotypes through media, integration of immigrants, discrimination, structural inequalities of ‘info-com society’. On years of research experience she has been particularly involved in the qualitative research methods: content analysis, discourse analysis, semiotics, biographical interviews, semi structured interviews & focus groups.



Dr.Eydal is a Professor at the Faculty of Social Work at the School of Social Sciences at the University of Iceland. Dr. Eydal holds a Masters and a PhD in Social Work and Sociology respectively from the University of Gothenburg. Dr. Eydal specializes in care policies, social services, poverty, crisis management and child policies.


Fronimou Emmy, MA (EKKE)

Emmy Fronimou graduated in Law at the University of Athens and completed her postgraduate studies (M.A.) in Criminology at Keele University, U.K. She is a senior researcher in Criminology and has worked at the National Center for Social Research since 1986. Her research interests include: Women’s Criminality, the Institution of Prison, Juvenile Delinquency and Domestic Violence. She has participated in several research projects as well as many national and international conferences. She also has teaching experience at graduate and postgraduate level. Among her publications are the following books: - Fronimou E., Mitrossili M., 2008, Social, Vocational and Family Reintegration of Vulnerable Social Groups. The Case of Women Prisoners, Series: Studies-Researches EKKE/6, Athens, EKKE. - Fronimou E., Karantinos D., Maratou-Alipranti L. (eds), 3rd Edition 2002, Dimensions of Social Exclusion in Greece. Main Issues and Policy Priorities, vol. I & II, Athens, EKKE. - Fronimou E., Thanopoulou M., Tsilimigaki V., 1997, Women Prisoners Pending Release: The Right to Vocational Reintegration, Series: Institutions of the Greek Society, No 7, Sakkoulas A. editions.


Grigoryan Irina, PhD (KMOP)

Ms. Irina Grigoryan is an economist and chartered certified accountant, member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA, UK. She holds a degree and a PhD in Economics from Yerevan State University. Ms. Grigoryan has 17 years of experience in development co-operation in the area of public financial management in developing countries and countries in transition. More specifically her experience includes accounting reforms in public and private sectors; includes advice to governments on International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS); development of chart of accounts in compliance with IMF Government Finance Statistics 2001 (GFS 2001); implementation of the newly adopted International Accounting Standards (IASs) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) in private sector.



Dr. Jonsdottir is the Director of the Social Sciences Research Institute at the University of Iceland. Dr. Jonsdottir holds a MSc. and a PhD in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research area includes survey methodology - context and order effects in surveys - reliability and validity of different response scales - response rates and their effects on data quality - data collection methods, comparisons between telephone and internet surveys - integration of quantitative and qualitative methods and open access data archives.


Kakepaki Manina, PhD (EKKE)

Manina Kakepaki is a researcher at the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE). She has studied in Athens (Bachelor's Degree, PhD) and Essex (MA Political Behaviour) and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Athens researching gender differences on political values and attitudes. Her current research intersects include aspects of gender and politics, youth political socialization and elite representation. She has participated in more than 20 national and international research projects. She is on the editorial board of the Greek Review of Social Research.


Kamoutsi P., PhD (EKKE)

P. Kamoutsi has studied Architecture in NTU, Athens, and has done postgraduate studies in Town Planning in the University of Hannover where she received a Ph.D. (Dr.Ing.). Since 1984, she's a researcher in the Institute for Urban and Rural Sociology, the Greek National Centre for Social Research where, at present, holds the grade of Senior Researcher. She has worked on housing conditions, the spatial distribution of social infrastructures, areas of secondary and vacation housing and the structure and impacts of urban spatial expansion. She's also been involved in projects on gender issues and gender policies and the problems of immigrant women. More recently she's been working on the role of social stratification and status symbols in the fields of cultural consumption and housing.


Karkantzou Vasiliki, (KMOP)

Ms. Vassiliki Karkantzou specializes in support services, local and regional development and the active inclusion of disadvantaged groups facing social exclusion. She combines her experience as a field work professional with her research background. As a social worker she has managed and implemented numerous projects focusing on a variety of vulnerable groups, such as immigrants, refugees, ethnic minorities, Roma, elderly, victims of gender discrimination, victims of gender-based violence etc. She is skilled at methodological design and implementation of field and desk research projects, including conducting workshops and focus groups; customized interview techniques; and qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques.


Kondyli Dimitra, PhD (EKKE)

Dimitra Kondyli is a researcher at the Institute of Social Research of the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) and member of its Gender laboratory. She holds a Phd in Antropology and post graduate and graduate studies in Sociology and Political Sciences from France. Her research interests include; a) social surveys methodological issues concerning the development of RIs, as well as the design of their operations (i.e networking, documentation of quantitative/qualitative surveys, classification schemes, etc) b) Research on Information Society and the impact of ICTs on work and education and c) Immigration. She has participated in many european and national projects as main researcher or co-ordinator as well as  related publications.


Mouriki Aliki, MPhil (EKKE)

Aliki Mouriki is a sociologist, working as a research fellow at the National Centre for Social Research in Athens since 1983. She has been involved in a number of national and international projects on a variety of topics. Her research interests and publications focus mainly on labour market, gender, social exclusion and industrial relations issues. Her current research is on the social impact of austerity policies, labour market innovation, the brain drain, the refugee crisis, and work-life balance. She has been a member of the experts’ network set up by the Institut des Sciences de Travail, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) on “Social concertation and Negotiation in the EU countries” (1998-2006), of the DGV Expert Working Group on “Flexibility and Work Organisation” (1994) and of the European Trade Union Institute research network on collective bargaining trends in Western Europe (1994-1998). She has also worked as an adviser at the Labour Minister’s cabinet and participated in the drafting of the Greek National Action Plan on Employment (2001 & 2002). She has published a number of books and articles, of which Policy priorities and major issues associated with the reconciliation of work and family life,  NCSR Studies- Researches no. 4, Athens (67 p.), 2008 [in Greek].


Natsi Eleni, MA (KMOP)

Ms. Eleni Natsi is a PR and Communication professional with several years of experience. Ms. Natsi has studied Public Administration (BA) and International Law and Diplomatic Studies (MA) both at Panteion University. In addition she has undertaken professional studies in Digital Marketing at ALBA Business School. She has worked as a freelance journalist for a number of magazines and portals including Fortune Greece covering international conferences on behalf of Greek and foreign media. She specializes in communication strategy development and execution, media plan development and fundraising.


Perakis Nektarios, MSc (KMOP)

Mr. Nektarios Perakis has studies International and European Economic Studies (B.Sc.) and Investment and Finance (M.Sc.). He is a Senior Financial Project Manager and specializes in financial budgeting of proposals and projects, in central finance project management and in preparation and submission of monthly accounting statements for the various KMOP projects. He is a Senior Financial Manager for the last two years and thus is familiar with all the aspects of financial management.


Roussakis Fotis, (KMOP)

Mr. Fotis Roussakis has studied Financial and Management Engineering and he is specialized in Accounting and Finance. He is involved in the financial management and monitoring of all International projects that are currently under implementation by KMOP. His responsibilities stretch from monitoring every accounting data entry to editing all forms of financial reports that have to be sent to governmental entities, in addition to the provision of guidance to collaborating partners. He has been working as a financial manager for the last 4 years, thus he is familiar with many aspects of financial and project management and during this process has accumulated considerable knowledge regarding the requirements and legislation framework related to both EU funded and National projects.


Sakellariou Eleni, MA (KMOP)

Ms. Eleni Sakellariou has studied History and Literature and she holds an MA in literary studies with emphasis on gender issues. She has worked for many years in the Research Centre for Gender Equality in Athens as project manager and researcher. She specializes in managing and coordinating European and national projects for the support of socially vulnerable groups and has considerable research experience in the subjects of gender and racial discrimination. Her main fields of work include: social inclusion and social protection, gender equality and gender mainstreaming, anti-discrimination and protection of human rights, domestic and gender based violence, human trafficking, women’s health, sexual and reproductive rights, integration in the labour market, youth and women’s employment, women entrepreneurship, etc.


Schina Efthimia, (KMOP)

Ms. Efthimia Schina is a psychologist with a degree from Universite Paris – Nord (Paris XIII) and a postgraduate degree in Psychanalysis from Universite Paris VIII. Ms. Schina has over 25 years of experience with youth and adults which include the development and implementation of support services at the individual, group and family levels for special groups of the population, the provision of services of vocational guidance and awareness raising activities.


Stratoudaki Hara, PhD (EKKE)

Hara Stratoudaki is Sociologist, and holds a PhD awarded from the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University. She is Researcher at the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE). Her work is related to nationalism and national identity, institutions, values, immigration and gender. Has taken part in several research programs, and has a long-standing experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods. A program on gender and employment in which she participated was the “Research on best practices in Greece and other EU countries, regarding immigrant women and employment”. A program on gender and immigration was “Female Immigration in Greece”, while another program was focusing on feminine archives in Greece (“Mapping of feminine archives throughout Greece and cataloguing of their content, for the enrichment of the Historical Archive of the Library of Equality and Gender”). H. Stratoudaki has published papers in the Greek Review of Social Research, and chapters in edited volumes, has edited collective volumes and has presented her work in conferences.


Thanopoulou Maria, PhD (EKKE)

Maria Thanopoulou was born in Athens. She has studied Law at the University of Athens , as well as Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University Rene Descartes – Paris V ( License 1979- Maitrise 1980) and  the University Paris VII- Jussieu ( DEA1981). In 1987 she was awarded with a PhD Degree in Sociology at the University Paris VII- Jussieu in the field of Sociology of memory. Since 1984 she has been working at the National Center for Social Research having today the status of Research Director. Her research interests are related to the following issues : gender equality, collective memory , collective identity, Oral History, qualitative research, biographical method, as well as social integration of socially excluded groups (migrants, unemployed ex-prisoners) etc. Her publications in books and articles in Greek and foreign reviews are relative to her research interests.


Torrens Antonia, Dr. (KMOP)

Dr Antonia Torrens is a psychologist, with a PhD in educational psychology, and is the Chairperson of KMOP since 2011. She has been devoted for over 20 years in policy formulation, design and provision of social services. Her professional experience spans over Europe, as well as over several developing countries and countries in transition, where she has assisted governments and non-state actors in improving the quality of life of people in need. She has also been guiding development aid interventions aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups (i.e. people living below poverty line, long term unemployed, immigrants, refugees, Roma, persons with mental disorders etc.). She has been closely involved in the deinstitutionalization of the mental health system in Greece that was reformed in 2004. Last but not least, Dr Torrens has also worked on analysing the needs of victims of trafficking and designing corresponding services and tools for professionals, together with international partners and organisations.



Mrs Evrydiki TSELIOU studied Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Athens and pursued her studies with an MA on European policies and politics, awarded with Distinction, from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Brussels, Belgium). She disposes a thorough knowledge on EU and national policy issues, since she has worked for European (European Parliament, Representation of the European Commission to Greece) and national (Hellenic Parliament) institutions as well as for K. Karamanlis Institute of Democracy (think-tank). She is also research associate at the Institute of European Integration and Policy (University of Athens) and she is also co-author of the guide on how to combat gender stereotypes in mass media, that has been published recently by the Greek League of Women’s Rights. Her research interests cover European democracy, European policy and institutional governance, European public opinion as well as gender equality issues and policies.


Tsiganou Joanna, Dr. (EKKE)

Dr Joanna Tsiganou studied Law at Athens University and was awarded her Ph. D. Degree by the London School of Economics (1988). From  1994 onwards she is working as a researcher (presently as Director of Research) at the National Centre for Social Research – Athens, Greece. Her research interests include the study of issues on social inequality, deviant behavior, law and social institutions. She has published studies in scientific journals and has written and edited books in Greek and English. She has co-ordinated research projects and has undertaken administrative duties at EKKE. She is also visiting professor in courses of tertiary education.


Varouxi Christina (EKKE)

Christina Varouxi is a political scientist and works as an applied researcher at the National Centre of Social Research, Institute of Social Research. She holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens and an LL.M. degree, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London. She has been specialized in the fields of Law of International Institutions and International Protection of Human Rights. Her main research interests focus on issues of human rights, racism and xenophobia, immigration and gender issues. She is the author of relevant publications and has been involved in a number of relevant research projects.


Zembista Aggeliki, (LEAGUE FOR WOMEN RIGHTS)


Ms. Eleana Zembista studied Economics at the University of Economics and Business in Athens. She participated as a secretarial assistant in her first collaboration with the Greek League of Women Rights gaining lot of working experience and learned valuable skills in this field. Then she attained a position in a private Medical Diagnostic Centre as a Medical Secretary obtaining more expertise and precision, a valuable asset in this field. In 2013 she took on her second assignment as a secretary for the Greek League of Women Rights carrying through with a long term project, working on various secretarial duties as well as organizing many events and seminars about gender stereotypes and how mass media affects and promotes them.


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